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What If I Have A Bad Driving Record

I’ve got a bad driving record, is that a problem?

Everyone knows that car insurance is expensive. There are many factors that make insurance even more expensive. And probably the biggest piece of the car insurance puzzle, is your driving record. It’s also one of the things that you can have some control over.

Tickets and accidents are significant parts of our driving record. Tickets add “points” to your record – enough points and you could lose your driver’s license. Accidents on your driving record speak more to your driving skills, how you pay attention to the driving environment, your situational awareness. Accidents on your records are an indication to the insurance company that you present a higher risk for a payout.

Do you have a DUI on your record? Insurance companies look at this differently from accidents. Accidents are a reflection of your ability to pay attention while you’re driving. A DUI tells an insurance company that you make poor decisions.

If you have too many tickets or accidents on your record, or worse a DUI, you will probably need to have an SR22 filing to keep your license, or as a provision of having your license reinstated. This adds to the expense of car insurance.

The Good News

You can still find cheap car insurance. You will just have to look for it. You can call every insurance agent in the yellow pages, but you’ll just be wasting your time. can search the very best insurance coverage available in your area regardless of your driving record. Start your search by entering your zip code, and cheap car insurance quotes are just moments away. Find the policy that fits your coverage and budget needs, and stop worrying about your driving record.